Hi, I’m Vedant, a passionate software engineer with a knack for blending technology and creativity to solve real-world problems. I thrive on building intuitive, user-friendly applications that make a difference.

Professional Experience

I’ve been working at Precisely, a leading data governance company, as a Platform Software Engineer since graduating in 2021. Here, I’ve honed my skills in building scalable and robust software solutions for the enterprise.

Personal Projects

My passion for software development extends beyond my professional work. I’m always exploring new technologies and tackling personal projects to push my boundaries:

  • Incursus (Android & iOS): I designed and developed a science-backed productivity app that has been downloaded over 1,000 times. This app combines psychology and technology to help users overcome procrastination and boost focus.
  • GMA App (Android & iOS): In collaboration with Gastrolab India, I created a medical assessment tool used by healthcare professionals across the country to diagnose and manage digestive disorders.

My Skillset

  • Languages: Go, Java, C++, Kotlin, Python, Dart (Flutter)
  • Frameworks: SpringBoot, Flutter, Firebase
  • Areas of Expertise: Scalable Backend Systems, Cross-Platform Mobile App Development, Data Visualization, Deep Learning/AI

What Drives Me

I’m fascinated by the intersection of technology and innovation. I believe that software, especially AI, has the power to transform lives, and I’m dedicated to building products that make a significant impact. Whether it’s revolutionizing how we work, enhancing daily life, or pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, I’m always seeking new challenges that allow me to use my skills to innovate and lead the way forward.

Get in Touch

I’m always open to collaborating on exciting projects or discussing new opportunities. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or check out my work on GitHub.

Let’s build something amazing together!